Онотолей (dekabrskii) wrote,

запомнил блять

starcrossedcherik:bootleg-firework:shrinking-ulzzang:rabid-logan:barbie-isalive:This is very important if you’re ever in a situation similar this pretend that you’re dead don’t scream and @#!*%my dad told us this if someone shoots up our schoolSUPER IMPORTANTBEST TIPPLEASE REMEMBER THISnot even a joke we learned this in Police Explorers and put it on your clothing as well but go quickly because you don’t know where the person is.This is what school children in America are taught.That is so wrong on so many fucking levels and there are still people who believe gun control in any form is a bad thing.let me reiterateSCHOOL CHILDREN IN A SUPPOSEDLY FIRST WORLD COUNTRY ARE TAUGHT THE SAME THINGS AS PEOPLE IN ACTIVE WAR ZONES BECAUSE THE THREAT OF BEING KILLED IN A SHOOTING IS SO HIGH.the bit in caps here is making me rethink my stance on gun control shit
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