Онотолей (dekabrskii) wrote,

дашо спит я на хозяйстве

micspam:shrexy:imreallycoolandfriendly:which do u think would win in a fight??? discussthe first dog clearly has years of fighting experience and possesses the stern, quiet dominance of a master, but his age could prove disadvantageous when pitted against the raw power of the second dog.  there’s clearly something brutal and furious burning inside him, and he walks with a carelessness that hints at his true berserker nature.  the first dog’s technique will have to be flawless if he hopes to avoid being annihilatedI fucking hate this post. It’s fucking bullshit. Tell me, in what fucking universe do you exist in where raw anger and strength will overcome a seasoned master of fighting. No Fuck this. The first dog has 10,000 years of experience under his belt just look at that beard. The other dog is some angry stupid asshole and he will get his ass kicked. Fuck you and Fuck you for making me look at the url “shrexy”

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