Онотолей (dekabrskii) wrote,

всем на роботу блять негры ёбанные и неёбанные тожэ

allblackeverythinng:dmc-dmc:blackinamerica:cleophatracominatya:silentnefertiti:thechubbygardevoir:darvinasafo:America was never great.I never know they had TODDLERS picking cotton holy shitWho are the savages ?!?👆🏾Yes the children were slaves too. There were also Masters who were pedophiles too. Let that sink in. And remember why it isn’t just something we can forget about.Babies were used by the slave masters as alligator bait in Florida as well. http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/black-babies-used-as-alligator-bait-in-florida-6531453This is all true.Yup.

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